Why can’t every morning be Easter morning?

When the girls woke up on Easter morning, they could already tell it was going to be a good day. The previous two days we had more visitors than usual and the treats and activities seemed endless. The Easter Bunny had lined the halls with huge Easter eggs that served as a trail. Then there were two strings with each string we told them to follow and it would lead them to their Easter baskets. You could tell they wished everyday started this way.

Upon finding their baskets they were pumped and shocked. I am sure it is confusing at this age as to why today is Easter and why every day can’t be like this. 

I made green smoothies because we are on a huge toddler eating standstill lately. And I knew that it would be a day filled with more chocolate than they have ever consumed.

In the afternoon we went to my cousin’s house. There were roughly 40 people there. My girls are still processing these huge family events. To me it was odd if parties had just 10 people. But for them this is a new world that I am thrilled they are diving into. After warming up they glad helped themselves to the amazing food.

The annual Easter egg hunt was a hit. Blythe was holding a cookie and her basket, so the amount of eggs she gathered would have been zero if it weren’t for Abby assisting her. Reese, however, treats egg hunting like it’s her full-time job. Lucy had to assist her due to the fact that her eggs were overflowing from her basket.

After the Easter events the girls found dirt at my cousin’s and a game of baseball. It was nice to see them feeling comfortable and finding their favorite activities.

Holidays are a blur still for me with kids. But the day was one of being thankful and surrounded by grand company.

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