What does a Virtual School offer your child?

No one knows your child better than you, right? This is the belief of Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy, an innovative virtual charter school where parents are more directly involved in their child’s education. OKVPA integrates three important elements: preparation, delivery, and assessments that provide you with a comprehensive education solution that ensures positive academic results. But what does virtual school really entail and is it right for your child? We talked to Suzanne Wandling at OKVPA who explained why it could be the right choice for you.​


What is a Virtual School – specifically OKVPA?

A virtual school is a partnership between families and  the school where parents work directly with their students (from home) on a day-to-day basis with the Calvert Curriculum.  OKVPA teachers collaborate with families to provide academic support via an online platform.

How does it work? (Are there teachers, a set curriculum, specific hours?)

Families are supported by a teacher to assist with lesson progression, strategies, problem solving and helpful resources.  OKVPA utilizes the Calvert curriculum for grades PreK -8. Lesson progression is an indicator of academic success, along with daily completion of academic activities.  No specific hours are required, though attendance is mandatory.

What grades/ages can take advantage of virtual school? 

PreK – 12th Grade, specifically for OKVPA – they offer grades PreK-8th.

Is it accredited, or will my child be recognized as having the same education as public or private school? 

OKVPA is a public school program.

Will my child have to take the state-mandated standardized tests? 

Students are required to participate in yearly assessments.

What is my involvement as a parent? Is it like homeschooling where I will have to teach my child?

Parents facilitate instruction on a daily basis with each of their students, similar to homeschooling.  Parents will need to provide internet access and basic school materials.

Can students graduate from virtual school? Does a typical virtual school student attend college?  

OKVPA is a PreK – 8th grade program. Students do have the option to learn more about high school programs as well.  Virtual school students do attend college, in fact, by participating in a Virtual high school model, students are mastering many of the required skills to successfully complete college:  time management, initiative, and communication skills. 

If you have more questions about OKVPA, visit their website at www.oklahomavirtualprepacademy.com

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