Visiting the Oklahoma Aquarium and Top Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Air high fives to all.

Monday seemed extra challenging. That evening my husband came to me and said I think I know why you are so tired. Instantly my mind went to a place of praying he figured out a way to provide extra energy. Then he proceeds to tell me when I asked him to bring me Mucinex at 9 a.m. he brought me the night time version. Well he was accurate that would make the day a little longer than usual.

All of my visits to the Oklahoma Aquarium have been to attend weddings. The venue for weddings was always a blast. Fish mixed in with love and drinks. Three cheers for that. This trip to the Aquarium, I had my Mom eyes on. One of the benefits to living in Tulsa is getting to Jenks, Broken Arrow or any other suburb never seems to take longer than 15 minutes.

Once we arrived the girls were pumped. I kept talking about fish. They are huge fans of eating gold fish, so I do imagine in their minds we were visiting a huge gold fish exhibit. Parking was a breeze and plenty of room for the double stroller to cruise on in. This is another venue in town that children younger than 2 are free. Truly cannot beat that. Many of the toddler activities in town are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is a grand option any day of the week!

We did not leave the fish exhibit for 30 minutes, in toddler time that equals 100 hours. My kids are known to last at an activity for 15 seconds then running to the next. It was amazing to see how curious and genuinely interested they were in the shrimp swimming around. The bonus of water being where shrimp swim is a homerun.

We had the opportunity to meet up with a friend Wendy and her 6 month old Sandy. In true Oklahoma fashion, she brought a friend and her sweet girl. In all of my experience here with moms, yes just a month and a half, have been so friendly and open.

I never know how my toddlers will react to new people. As soon as one of my kids met Wendy they just kindly said "NO!" Fast forward to 30 minutes later, she is having Wendy carry her every where. 

The Aquarium does think of all the little details. You can pay a little bit more and feed Turtles. Sorry poor turtles, I fear they may have been a little aggressive on the feeding. You can find a list of feeding times and other special events on their website. Yet again, a place we visit where a yearly pass would be helpful. It is thrifty right?!

Have I mentioned my kids love to run? The shark tank area encompasses an entire area for all shark fans. My kids proceeded to run at their fastest speeds through the groups of strangers. They also decided to try to talk “Blythe & Reese Language” to these strangers. The strangers not only did not understand their language, they seemed frightened by their closeness. All the while, my kids are having the best time doing laps. This is not a promoted activity, but gave me a little cardio for the day.

It was one of the colder weeks in Tulsa so we did create more indoor activities since we cannot be physically outside of the house all day everyday.  Here are the top 5 indoor activities for my almost 2 year olds.

  1. Using flashlights and running all through the house.
  2. We have a huge bin of balls of all different sizes. The girls tip that over and pick them up. Over and over and over again. Sometimes they even hide the balls throughout the house and bring them back to the bin.
  3. Singing songs and dancing. When the moods get stir crazy music is a huge change.
  4. Playing on our slide in the living room. They have perfected going up and down the slide sideways, backwards, upside down and rolling off.
  5. Playing in their kitchen allows for an endless world of pretend.
  6. Giving check ups to each other, dolls, Legos and fruit.

No matter how many activities we can squeeze in, living on Toddler Time is exhausting. Receiving a text from my cousins on a Sunday that they want to come play is like Christmas morning. Not only do I get super sentimental, since I always looked forward to playing with them, but now they want to see my kids, play, and dare I say it, give me some alone time. It is a high five fest all around!

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