Tulsa History Mysteries

TulsaKids is partnering with the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum to invite kids (and parents) to learn more about Tulsa’s fascinating past. Read the clue each month, visit the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum at 2445 S. Peoria Ave., and solve the mystery. You could win a Family Membership to the museum and more.

Are you ready to be a Super-Savvy History Detective and solve a mystery? Tulsa’s story is full of them. Can you guess the answer to the following question?

Tulsa truly is an international city. Along with being part of the United States, Tulsa rests at the crossroads of three other nations. What are they and where can you find evidence of them?

Take this clue to the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum Guardian volunteer at the front desk. They will send you and a parent/guardian on the hunt. Find the mystery person; he or she is hiding in plain sight. Take a selfie with the clue and send to Neal Pascoe — npascoe@tulsahistory.org. The first 10 to respond will win a year’s free family membership to the Tulsa History Museum. Everyone who guesses right receives a “Super-Savvy History Detective” certificate, as well as a chance to win a Super Savvy Detective kit.

July 2019: Clue and Answer

Born in Indian Territory, I am a member of a famous Tulsa family. During the Civil War, I served as a soldier in both the Confederate and Union Armies. With a partner, I took advantage of the arrival of the railroad by opening a mercantile store at First and Main in 1882. I became an early day merchant. The next year, the post office moved to the store to provide better mail service, and I was named Tulsa’s first postmaster.

Answer: Josiah Perryman, the First Postmaster

Tulsa History Mystery Winners: June 2019


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