Sunday Brunch

Just a quick post for you this Sunday morning in case you're lookin' around for a nice spot for brunch like we were last week!

My husband and I love brunch. I mean who doesn't? Actually, we love breakfast too. Okay, we just love food. If you follow either of us on instagram, you know we really like taking pictures of our food and trying every new delicious thing we come across. In fact, we recently started a Supper Club with a group of friends so we could have one more excuse to cook and eat new and exciting recipes!

But brunch is special. Brunch is different from the other meals because it doesn't belong there. It's a whole extra meal that only happens on Sundays! You don't have to eat "breakfast food" or "lunch food" and you can add champagne to your orange juice. It's the meal intended for relaxation, for those who wake up late and take their time and have no where to be afterwards in case the want to take a nap.

That is usually not us. Not with four kids! So, what do we do on weekends where all of our kids are with their other parents? This:

We were thrilled when some friends of ours asked if we had brunch plans. The only question was where we would go. We wanted to try someplace new, and ended up at The Palace Cafe on 15th and Peoria. The Palace is not new to Tulsa at all; in fact, it's kind of a Tulsa staple in fine dining, but it's new to us. You know a good grown-up brunch location when it's a place you usually need reservations to eat dinner!

Two dollar mimosas and free "bread of the day" to start me out is my kind of place! This bread was delicious with dark chocolate, cherries, and butter and preserves on the side. Yum!

Why don't I have bread like that at my house? Oh yeah…because I'd eat it. All day!

It wasn't much longer before our food made it to the table and it was fantastic.

Mark got this gorgeous grilled cheese with fontina and several other cheeses, bacon and focaccia bread with a side of tomato bisque. Um…I'm getting that next time.

Dawn got a beautiful omelette with fried potatoes. She loved it!

My Marc got "green eggs and ham" which was scrambled eggs with spinach and pesto and smoked ham.

And I got Dales famous migas. They were absolutely scrumptious. Scrambled eggs with onions, peppers and little fried strips of tortillas, topped with perfectly green avacado and some yummy black beans on the side.

It was delightful to sit and eat in peace, with no one asking for crayons or chicken nuggets! We got to catch up and visit with our friends and hear about all the new things happening in their lives and take our time.

The Palace Brunch runs from 9-2 on Sundays, so scoot on over there and try something special!


See you around town!

Honeybee Mama

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