Spring Fitness Fantasies

I almost cancelled my gym membership last week. After all, I haven’t used it since last November.

And anyway, we’re starting to have some nice days weather-wise. Without the iciness of the winter or the scorching heat of summer, spring in Tulsa is like little bear’s porridge: “just right.”

So who knows? I may go for a run along Riverside. Maybe even pop out the BOB jogging stroller and bring Eli with me.

Maybe I’ll even wake up before everyone else in the house (circa 5:30 a.m… circa For the Next 3 Months Only … or circa Until I Need More Sleep) and run in my own neighborhood. Daily. In white running shoes with reflectors. In a bright yellow vest.

I might top the run off with a stop at our neighborhood’s clubhouse, where the collective we have a small, old gym of free weights, that we pay for the right to use with our annual homeowner association dues… though I never see anyone using them.

Well, I’ll use them! I’ll use them… and everyone will see. And people will be inspired. And it will ignite a whole neighborhood-wide fitness spree. And we’ll be featured on the local news. And we’ll adopt a slogan… “The neighborhood that weighs together stays together!” And everyone will want to come live here— but unfortunately, the HOA dues will have skyrocketed, pricing most people out.

Anyway, after pumping iron, I’ll come home and fix the family a well-balanced breakfast of fruit, spinach smoothies, and homemade, whole grain biscuits. And help everyone get ready. And get to work on time.

And I won’t gain another pound that I won’t want to gain. And I will add fat-burning muscle. And I will have energy to last from pre-dawn to far-post-dusk.

And this will all fit into my schedule, and into my budget. Without any compromise. And without spending an extra dime. Simply because I value exercise THAT much.

So I almost cancelled my gym membership last week to fulfill this fantasy. I wised up though.

I need that monthly charge to prod me into taking some action— if only to get my money’s worth.

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