Send Hope Notes to Oklahomans Living with Developmental Disabilities

TARC Asks State to write Hope Notes

TARC is asking Oklahomans to show their support to people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) through an initiative called Hope Notes, aimed at inspiring hope through a letter writing campaign during the ongoing pandemic.

More than 60,000 Oklahomans have I/DD.  Approximately 1,500 of them live in an intermediate care facility or group home.  Due to social distancing and self-quarantine measures, many people with I/DD have not seen family or had outside visitors in months.  Hope Notes is a way for Oklahomans to help lift their spirits with letters and drawings during these uncertain times.

“Like so many Oklahomans, people with I/DD are also struggling with the change in daily routines due to the coronavirus,” said TARC Executive Director Lisa Turner.  “They don’t always understand why they can’t go to a day program or work and many of them are missing visits from family members.  Hope Notes is a way for Oklahomans to show people with I/DD that we care about them and are experiencing the same struggles they are during this pandemic.”

From June 15-30th, Oklahomans are invited to write letters of encouragement or draw pictures.  TARC will collect and distribute the letters and artwork to facilities housing people with I/DD across the state in July.

How to Participate:

Mail notes, letters, cards or drawings to:

HOPE NOTES c/o Friends at TARC

2516 E. 71st St. Suite A Tulsa, OK 74136


Email attached notes, letters, cards or drawings to:

Subject Line: Hope Notes

ABOUT TARC: TARC has been improving the lives of Oklahomans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) since 1952. We are committed to ensuring a high quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families through education, empowerment, support and advocacy.

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