Road Tripping: Toddler Truisms

Traveling 4 hours or more in a car with your toddler? Forget not….

1)You will need lots of coffee. Lots. We’re talking double shots, venti, extra, extra special, yes I’ll take whipped cream on top, with a caramel swirl! coffee.

2) All that coffee will make you need to stop to use the restroom many more times than your co-passengers will appreciate.

3) Your toddler will have to #1 a lot too, but on intervals not coinciding with your own needs.

4) So though you have already stopped several times, and checked his diaper at each stop, on your next stop, your toddler’s diapers and pants will be soaked thru.

5) You will have packed your toddler’s change of clothes at the bottom of the trunk.

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