OkCookiemomster and Toddler Fashion

It has been two months of living back on Tulsa Time. When you move back home there is a mix of nostalgia always playing in my mind. The past week was the perfect combo of discovering new favorite places and revisiting old ones.

Before we moved to Tulsa the girls didn't know what the word cookie meant. Now cookie is a word that is spoken frequently. When visitors come by, there's usually a treat in hand. Fine by me, but we don't keep any in the house because I would eat them all #sugaraddict! The cult cookie following right now in Tulsa is OK CookieMomster. Libby started this business a few years ago out of her home. They've literally been at every show I've been to the past two years.  I believe she knows the whole town and if people don't know her, they do now because of these amazing cookies. Besides the yummy treat I am proud that Tulsa has a new storefront from a women entrepreneur. I am proud to bring my girls there. Supporting local is a value I want the girls to respect. One of Tulsa’s best treasures is the people who live here. Libby is an example of that.

The girls also decided to wear the Halloween costumes they had refused to wear in October. Bravo also on the rock landscape by your store. My kids felt like it was a double bonus cookie and rocks!

Family is a huge reason we came back to Tulsa. My cousin is an 8th grader and with that is lots of traditions at her school St. Pius. It was Catholic School’s week and we were invited to go and watch her play the teachers in a volleyball game. First I was giddy. I got to play in that game many moons ago but that also meant taking the girls to a very loud gym filled with tons of people.

Once we got there, it went as predicted. The girls prefer hanging out in the bathroom or in the doorway. But just like my childhood, friendly vibes and faces won them over. I believe kids are like dogs. They can smell when someone is kind! After spotting cousin Lucy I knew the rest of the day would be a blast. Teachers that I have not seen in 10 years approached me with warm hugs and got to meet my kids. It is not always easy recalling your past. On this day it was a welcome flood of memories and new ones being made.

Let's not forget I still have fearless toddlers with me. After the game (that the teachers won, sorry 8th grade kids), the students stayed around and played volleyball with what seemed like 100 balls and turned up some loud jams. Well 8th graders and toddlers have lots in common. Both age groups were happy and running around. Yes Blythe & Reese had a few balls hit them on the head. Neither cared and both truly thought they were in 8th grade.

After going to my school I decided this was the week to take them to their first Tulsa Library. Unfortunately, the Schusterman-Benson Library was closing for renovations, so everything was pretty much boxed up.  A few books were chosen but meltdowns happened instantly. Once this place reopens in a few weeks (Monday, February 29) count us in! 

The usual almost two-years-old trends like melting down and expanding vocabularies are happening, but something I didn't expect is the girls wanting to wear one arm out of their shirt all of the time. Has this happened to anyone else? Months ago a friend of mine mentioned that her child before turning two went through a naked phase. She always wanted to be naked. I found that hilarious at the time, now that it is potentially happening to us (and then times two) it makes my head kind of explode.

Cheers to seeing you around town. Hopefully my kids just have one arm out and not naked jay birds.

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