New Year, New Overalls

Joss is excited to be in pre-K!

Joss spent last week transitioning to his new class at school, and he is thrilled to be a “big Kadima friend.” (His class is called Kadima–it’s equivalent to pre-K and the oldest class at his school.) His school goes year-round, so during transition week, they progressively spend longer and longer in their new classrooms until on Friday they are there full-time.

Highlights of his first week include 1) Wearing his new pair of jean overalls every. single. day. 2) Exploring the “Dream Lab” and discovering that it is full of comfy cushions. (His class has use of two classrooms–one is called the “Think Tank” and the other is the “Dream Lab.” Both are magical, but he is especially excited about the Dream Lab!) 3) Building his own sandwiches at lunch.

Monday–first day of transition!

For the past couple of years, Joss’s classes put together a “Me Book” at the beginning of the year. These ask questions such as “How old/tall are you?” “What do you like to do?” “Who do you love and who loves you?” etc. Then, the books are laminated so that the kids can read their own Me Books and their friends’ Me Books throughout the year. At the end of the year, the Me Books come home and provide a fun look-back at how much has changed and what has stayed the same over the past several months.

Another thing Joss’s school does is that each class chooses a special way to celebrate birthdays. Last year, Joss’s class made birthday puppets; the year before, they made a wall hanging using ribbon, beads and an embroidery hoop. It’s hanging in the wall of his bedroom.

This year, my understanding is that on each child’s birthday, their friends and teachers will interview them about their favorite things. Then, each child will draw the answer to the question they asked. For example, one of Joss’s friends just celebrated a birthday, and Joss asked, “What’s your favorite meat?” After receiving “hot dog” as an answer, he would then have drawn his version of a hot dog.

All that to say, I thought it would be fun to interview Joss at the start of the new year because it is already promising to be stellar. He’s a little distractible but was a good sport with all my questions:

Mommy: What are you looking forward to in school this year?

Joss: Well…to be awesome and cool.

Mommy: What are some cool things you think you’ll learn this year?

Joss: Well…how about…instructions? Or experiments–like sonic screwdriver experiments?

Mommy: What do you like about your class?

Joss: Singing the ABC song.

Mommy: What do you like about the Dream Lab?

Joss: I like to play with the pillows and last time we totally just…I got to go up into the pillows and watch the rain, and H. my friend did, too.

Some of Joss’s first-week artwork! Drawings of the Milky Way, a tote bag and a weather(?) hanging.

Mommy: What do you like about your teachers?

Joss: They have styles. Fancy styles.

Mommy: What do you like about wearing overalls?

Joss: So fun.

Hamming it up on the front porch of The Outsiders House Museum–in overalls.

Mommy: What is your favorite book right now?

Joss: All my books are my favorite.

Mommy: What are your favorite things to do?

Joss: Play with the tunnel to put the cars through and then they just come out the other side.

Mommy: What did you like about your class last year?

Joss: Well, they didn’t have any pillows. [But] I liked Home Living and Body Baby. And Menschy-poo, too! [Body Baby was the class rabbit, and “Menschy-poo” is the school puppy. 🙂 ]

Mommy: What did you like about your teachers last year?

Joss: Well, they had styles, too. Pretty styles.

Of course, I have my own answers to some of these questions. Joss loved so many things about his teachers and class last year–from learning to write his name and getting to use the sewing machine and giving/getting big hugs–it was an incredible year altogether, and transition is always hard! But it’s easier seeing how excited Joss is to be a “big kid” and how he is not afraid to just be himself and wear what he wants and run into class completely fearless and eager to learn.

I hope all your kids have such a wonderful start to the new school year!

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