May is National Sex Ed For All Month

Community Leaders, Parents, and Caregivers Lend Their Voice to Promote #SexEdForAll

Since 2019, May is officially recognized as Sex Ed for All Month, a time to promote access to sex education that is age-appropriate, evidence-based, and culturally responsive. Sex education is an essential component of health education and plays a vital role in promoting wellness and preventing unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, and sexual violence.

Unfortunately, many individuals still lack access to medically accurate, high-quality sex education. The goal of Sex Ed for All Month is to break down these barriers and promote positive sexual health outcomes for all. During Sex Ed for All Month, Amplify Youth Health Collective is partnering with local parents to raise awareness about the high level of support for sexual health education in our community.

“92% of Tulsa adults support comprehensive sex education in school,” says Heather Duvall, Executive Director of Amplify Youth Health Collective. “Together, we can work to ensure that everyone has access to the information and resources they need to make informed decisions about their sexual health.”

Tulsa parent Jennifer Solis believes that it’s important to have sex education in schools because it also covers important topics that teens and middle schoolers experience outside of human biology, like healthy relationships, consent, human trafficking, social media, and more. Solis says, “for me, as a parent, it is really important that my child has the opportunity to have factual information about ways that she can stay safe and stay healthy.”

Sara Gallagher, another local parent advocating for medically accurate, high-quality sexual health education in Tulsa-area schools, believes it can help facilitate conversations families may be having at home. “This type of programming can create a really cool opportunity for parents and their kids to start these conversations that otherwise might be really difficult to have,” says Gallagher.

Join Amplify Youth Health Collective in celebrating Sex Ed for All Month and promoting sexual health and well-being for all. Learn more about the parents helping Amplify advocate for sex ed at

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