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Camp Patriot at Metro Christian Academy

Contact: Anna Swann
6363 S. Trenton Ave., Tulsa, OK
918.745.9868 x141

Ages: pre-K through 12th grade


Dates: One-week camp sessions, May 31-July 29


Times: Morning, afternoon or full-day


Welcome to Metro Christian Academy’s Camp Patriot…where summer is meant for adventure! With more than 40 camp options, Camp Patriot has something for everyone. One-week camp sessions begin May 31 and continue through July 29 and are open to the Tulsa community. Children in pre-K through 12th grade can choose between morning and afternoon sessions or stay all day! Camp Patriot is designed with students in mind. Campers will enjoy a relaxed, supportive, healthy Christian environment promoting creativity, learning, and personal growth. All camps begin enrolling in mid-March! For more information, email camppatriot@metroca.com or go to camppatriottulsa.com.