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Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy

Contact: Raedean Rafferty, OVCA Enrollment Specialist

Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy (OVCA) is a tuition-free K-12 public charter school. OVCA provides wraparound support for children and families to ensure academic, social and emotional success. OVCA is well-suited for military families and achieved the Purple Star military designation.


OVCA students are taught by Oklahoma Certified Teachers who live in-state. Elementary students are taught by homeroom teachers, and content-specific certified teachers instruct 6-12 students. OVCA is focused on strong academics to help students excel at future endeavors.


Additionally, OVCA’s unique Community Family Advisors (CFAs) model helps students thrive. CFAs assess family needs weekly to understand students’ obstacles. They work in partnership with teachers to promote academic growth.


Plus, there are many opportunities for students to interact with peers. Prom for juniors and seniors is hosted every spring, and a dance for middle schoolers is held each April. OVCA has student-led clubs for interests like esports, drama, reading, football and more.


OVCA also offers the Oklahoma Learning Coach Academy to help parents support their students through online schooling. Learning Coaches can access their child’s curriculum + video training sessions, an app to connect with other Learning Coaches and a Family Education Series with videos and email newsletters.