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Christian Montessori Academy

Contact: RoseMarie Mann, Director; Laura Chisholm, Office Manager
3702 S. 90th East Ave., Tulsa, OK 74145


In a Christ-centered environment, CMA educates the whole child using the Montessori Method. CMA’s community-oriented, multi-age classrooms invite learning in an enticing, stress-free setting. Our authentic Montessori materials and curriculum provide hands-on learning experiences and the joy of discovery.


Our students are led by Montessori-trained guides and are encouraged to make choices to help develop a sense of independence and self-worth. Children attending CMA are not viewed as a group, but rather as individuals working toward their full potential within our community. We believe that the impressions formed today have a lasting impact on a child’s attitude toward learning and life itself.


Tours and visits can be scheduled by calling the office or visiting our website. We look forward to meeting your family!