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Nancy Davis, Head of School; Jamie Gartside, Admissions
3745 S. Hudson Ave., Tulsa, OK


As the first and only accredited Montessori School in Oklahoma, Undercroft Montessori School serves students from age three through eighth grade using an authentic Montessori methodology and philosophy. Classes in each level, from primary through middle school, include multi-age groups of students, which allows them to build lasting relationships with both peers and guides. Students learn through unique and memorable experiences. Abstract concepts are taught using visual and tactile learning tools, which foster more effective long-term retention. Students learn independence by exercising freedom within limits. Self-correction and self-assessment foster responsibility and confidence. Our students are diverse in interest, personality and learning style. Our approach supports the development of individual capacities and our outcomes are consistent. Our students are well prepared academically and demonstrate creativity, confidence, competence, leadership and, most importantly, they love to learn.