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Ami Chapman or Mollie Heaberlin
3702 S. 90th East Ave., Tulsa, OK


Christian Montessori Academy offers students innovative, progressive, and individualized opportunities using the Montessori Method of instruction in a non-denominational setting. Students don’t always fit the traditional cookie-cutter classrooms. Montessori education is a proven method of excellence in the classroom, allowing students to reach their full potential. CMA students have a strong sense of citizenship, community involvement, and values. Students are encouraged to explore and expand aspects of curriculum for a deeper understanding in a non-stressful environment. Our advanced curriculum available for ages 3-15 (preschool through 8th grade) includes: Mathematics, Language, Science, Geography, History, Life Skills, Sensory development, Spanish, Art, & Music. Extra-curricular activities include: Tulsa Engineering Challenge, piano, recorder, sewing, beginning robotics, and swimming. Theme-based summer camps are also available. If you feel your child would benefit from a non-traditional setting, please give us a call. Tours are given Monday through Thursday.