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Onifade's Bakery

Contact: Onifade R E Colbert III
1114 S. Yale Ave., Tulsa, OK 74112

Onifade’s Cookie Company was started by an ambitious 6-year-old who loves to bake and wanted to pay his way to Africa to visit family for the first time. He and his mother have taken the company to heights unimaginable.


Onifade’s passion for baking is not limited to cookies alone. Explore the captivating world he has created, where his culinary creations are nothing short of extraordinary. From delectable cookies that melt in your mouth to an array of tantalizing treats, his skill and creativity will leave you in awe. Prepare to be captivated as you delve into his remarkable journey.


Onifade’s Cookie Company bakes cookies, pies, cakes and more using premium ingredients. Call to discuss catering possibilities, and they also have event space available for rent.