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Fuzzy Wuzzy's Workshop

Contact: Noel Freeman
Tulsa, OK

We offer Build-A-Bear type services with a variety of high-quality 16″, soft, plush, fuzzy friends to choose from! We come to you and bring everything with us! It’s easy, and your guests can leave with a super-cool party favor!


Step 1: Booking 4 weeks in advance allows you to customize your party! If you cannot book that early, no problem! We can still offer a great selection to your kids.


Step 2: We arrive on the day of your party and display our fuzzy friends for the kids to pick from.


Step 3: Kids will take turns selecting which fuzzy friend and outfit they would like. We give each kid a package of stuffing, and they get to hand-stuff their pal however they want to! We will help them as they go. All fuzzy friends come with a drawstring backpack so they can keep it nice before heading home.


Woman-owned, along with two teenagers earning money for their first cars! Serving Tulsa and surrounding areas.