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Anchored In Hope Therapy

7627 E. 126th St. S., Bixby, OK

At Anchored In Hope, our mission is to provide top quality therapy services, community education and consultation. Our therapists are highly qualified clinicians who believe in client centered and family focused practices. Our practice offers diverse services and serves all populations and ages. We accept most major insurances, EAPs and offer self-pay options.


Focus Areas:


Infant mental health, ADHD/ADD, adoption, anxiety, anger/aggression, communication skills, couples counseling, Christian counseling upon request, depression, family therapy, self esteem, issues surrounding divorce, issues involving school behaviors, mood disorders, OCD, ODD, school anxiety, sensory processing disorder, women’s issues, life transitions, stress management, trauma/PTSD, infertility counseling, perinatal and postpartum, grief, eating disorders and parenting strategies


Extended Services:


Virtual Sessions, EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, ADHD diagnostic assessment, nutritional and integrative medicine for mental health and perinatal/postpartum mental health


New location:


Anchored in Hope has moved to 121st and Memorial to a new 6200-square-foot building, and we are so excited to share this space in the service to our community!


Contact us today to learn more about our services, group classes or to schedule an appointment!