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Amplify Youth Health Collective

1601 S. Main St., Suite 200, Tulsa, OK 74119

In the journey of parenthood, families of children with disabilities often face unique challenges, like navigating conversations about youth sexual health and well-being. Amplify Youth Health Collective equips families with the tools to discuss these topics confidently, illuminating the path toward healthier futures for young people in Tulsa.


Amplify advances youth sexual health and well-being through collaboration, education and advocacy. Amplify serves as the collective impact agency for adolescent sexual health in Tulsa and provides training and resources to school and community-based organizations to educate and support youth, parents and other trusted adults.


Tulsa County’s teen birth rates have declined 56% in the last decade, alongside the expansion of effective, evidence-based sexual health education programs and services. When young people are given accurate information, they make the healthiest decisions for themselves. Our vision is to create vibrant communities with informed youth and equitable access to services and information. We work with partners in the community to ensure that every child has the knowledge and support they need to thrive.


Visit amplifytulsa.org to find resources for engaging in open, honest conversations with your children about changing bodies, love, sex and the building blocks of healthy relationships.