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717 West 71st St, Tulsa, OK 74132


Tulsa ER & Hospital is a locally owned and locally operated physician-owned hospital that specializes in emergency room services. The hospital ER is fully equipped and able to provide the same services as a traditional hospital emergency room. Tulsa ER & Hospital is prepared to diagnose and stabilize all emergencies, including those of patients with strokes, heart attacks, severe pain, traumatic injuries, pediatric illnesses and acute surgical issues. We are one of the only facilities in Oklahoma that offers our outpatient services 24/7 and without an appointment.


Our services are ideal for the working community; patients can obtain our outpatient services without an appointment and without missing work.  Final results are provided at the time of service. Tulsa ER & Hospital’s emergency room charges are in-line and most of the time lower than the regional average.  We accept the in-network rates that insurance companies are legally obligated to pay. Emergency room care can be expensive, but we work with your insurance company for fair payment resulting in less unforeseen expenses for the patient.