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The Journal of Medical Entomology recently reported that pesticide-resistant lice, commonly known as super lice, have rendered traditional over-the-counter treatments less than 25 percent effective. Pesticides and hours of combing are unhealthy, uncomfortable, time consuming and ineffective. But there is a better, modern way to treat.


Lice Clinics of America is the world’s leading lice treatment service with over 350 locations worldwide. Our certified technicians can cure lice in about an hour with over 99 percent effectiveness using the FDA cleared AirAlle medical device. The AirAlle dehydrates and kills all lice and eggs in the hair and is safe for all ages and types of hair. Most kids can be treated and return to school the same day.


In addition to treatment, our lice treatment experts will teach you how to clear lice from your home environment as well as prevention tips to avoid a reinfestation of lice in the future.


As a medical procedure, our service is often covered by health insurance plans, HSAs, and FSAs. It also comes with a 30-day guarantee or we will re-treat at no charge.