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The Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR) has studies for teens (ages 13-17) to participate in. Here’s what teens can get involved with right now:


One study is interested in how teens respond to stress and how stress reactions can affect the body and brain. The study involves online questionnaires, blood and saliva collection, a memory and reasoning task, and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan with computer games. Parents are also asked to complete questionnaires in this study.


Another study looks at how mindfulness can help teens better cope with stress. Teens will learn about and practice mindfulness before completing an MRI scan. During the scan, teens will view their brain activity levels and attempt to control or change them by practicing the mindfulness techniques that they learned.


For all studies, teens must have a parent or legal guardian give permission for participation and be fluent in English. Monetary compensation is provided.


Parents who wish to find out if their teen is eligible for these studies can call LIBR at 918-502-5142. To learn more about our adult studies at LIBR, call our main line at 918-502-5100 or email info@libr.net.