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Taproots Schoolhouse

Contact Name: Jessica Davis
1546 E 55th Steet, Tulsa, OK 74105
Email: taprootsschoolhouse@gmail.com
Category: Early Childhood, Pre-Kindergarten

We are currently accepting application for:


Spring 2022 Ages 2-6
Summer 2022 Ages 2-6
School Year 2022-2023 Ages 2-6


We invite you to come grow with the Taproots Schoolhouse community! We are a Kindergarten based out of Tulsa that caters to children ages 2 to 6 years of age.


At Taproots Schoolhouse we value and respect the developing, unfolding human being, which guides our education and interpersonal relationships. Young children from birth to age seven learn primarily through imitation and purposeful play.


During the week, our children work, play and learn in a sensory-rich environment where we strive to be worthy of imitation in all they do, nurturing the young child’s sense of wonder for the world. The first seven years lay a strong foundation for all further learning. We provide a warm, respectful and caring, Early Childhood environment where a sense of gratitude, love, reverence and a pervading mood of goodness in the world is cultivated.


The task of the educators is to create a learning space where children can fully engage in the present and enrich the possibilities of creative, imaginative, self-directed play. The Early Childhood environment educates and develops the senses of touch, wellbeing, movement and balance.


Taproots Schoolhouse is situated on a beautiful corner property near the Brookside area. Our beautiful grounds are designed to support the educational and philosophical aims of the school, featuring several varieties of sensory gardens and creative spaces to explore. The classroom space is warmly designed to enhance curiosity, creative play, learning and curriculum delivery.


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