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Who doesn't love a good, old-fashioned scavenger hunt? Well, potentially, the person who does all the planning–that's hard work! That's why Let's Go! has updated the scavenger hunt, taking advantage of modern technology. With Let's Go! there's no need to spend all night writing rhyming clues or hiding scraps of paper around town: they customize your scavenger hunt to your specifications, and all you have to do is download an app and get hunting! 

TK: Do users need to download an app in order to plan a scavenger hunt? If so, can it be found in the App Store or on iTunes?

LG: You can access all of our packages on our website or contact us via email if you are needing a custom scavenger hunt.  Once you have made your purchase, you will then receive an email with your hunt details.  Simply download the free GooseChase app from either the App Store or on ITunes. We recommend that once you download the app and find your hunt, you designate other team members to download the app using the same log in credentials.  This allows one person to submit the photos while other team members can access the mission list to act as scouts.

TK: How does Let's Go! price the scavenger hunts?

LG: Let’s Go! has carefully developed hunts that are affordable without sacrificing quality and fun.  We want to ensure that our customers will be able to fully enjoy their downtown adventure but also be able to meet up for a meal or drinks after the hunt to swap stories and see who won. When it comes to our pricing, we take into consideration the location, the degree of difficulty, how many missions are included in the scavenger hunt, as well as how many participants will be completing the hunt to determine the cost of each scavenger hunt.

TK: What are some ways that users can customize their scavenger hunt through the app? Are there preset hunts?

LG: Our custom party hunts are uniquely designed for each event to ensure a one-of-a kind-party that is not easily replicated. Our party hunts also come with the free option of breaking the hunt into two hunts that run at the same time.   We can incorporate the guest of honor's name and favorite things in the hunt (for example, "Find Thom's favorite Mexican restaurant") as well as brand the name of the scavenger hunt to reflect the event (for example "Thom's 30th Birthday Bash Scavenger Hunt"). There are many ways to get creative with a custom scavenger hunt!

TK: How long does a scavenger hunt typically last? Can users plan several at a time?

LG: The average party hunt takes approximately 1.5 hours, and our regular scavenger hunts take an average of 2.5 hours. Any of our hunts can be designed to go quicker or longer, allowing you to create the perfect event. The time frame also depends on how fast your group wants to get moving! We recommend that you set a pre-determined meetup time/location for after the hunt so everyone can swap stories and see who won. You can purchase as many scavenger hunts as you want, there are no limits.  We have a large database of missions, which allows us to quickly design as many hunts as you need! While we recommend that teams have no more than 8 people, we can even create a scavenger hunt to fit your larger group.

TK: Are there varying levels of difficulty to challenge different age groups?

LG: Absolutely!  One of the fun things about creating a custom scavenger hunt party is that you can choose whether to have the hunt super relaxed or ultra-competitive, including customizing the level of difficulty.  There are several ways we can adjust the level of difficulty to suit your group’s wants and needs. For example, we can include a harder bonus challenge that may include a really embarrassing mission that will make the team lose points if it is not completed. Just give Let’s Go! a call so we can discuss all options with you!

TK: Who handles the setup and take down of each scavenger hunt?

LG: There is no need for a setup or take down of a scavenger hunt, as we provide self-guided hunts that are done through your smartphone.  Let’s Go! urban scavenger hunts are already mapped out by the time the game details are sent to you.  All you need to do after paying for your package is to download the app and then determine the date/time/meetup location for your hunt.  You can also designate who else will download the app using your same login credentials.  This allows one person to submit the photos while the other team members can also access the mission list to act as scouts.  If requested, Let’s Go! can even monitor your party scavenger hunt to ensure the accuracy of mission submissions.

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