High Toddler Temps and the Return of Gilmore Girls

Well this week went 50% as planned. Not the percentage I had hoped for. When Monday hits, it is my version of a clean slate. I feel even kind of nervous wondering what the week holds. But mostly excited for the plans and people we get to see.

My husband, Steve, was traveling for work so my family and friends lent their supporting hands and were wonderful at helping make the girls not skip a beat. Lattes were dropped off and family members gave time to give me some assistance.

This week the girls started their first day at MDO in Tulsa.  Both of my girls have separation anxiety so I feared it would be a nightmare. The school made sure to have my number. I oddly did not cry. I want/need them to realize how much school rocks. Also I think it is good for them to be around a group of kids as much as they can. The drop off was how I predicted but they actually lasted the whole day.

To prepare for MDO they practiced laying in their nap mats and carrying their backpacks. I pretty much forced them to read Elmo Goes To School so many times they started looking at me to make sure I did not turn into a robot.

Victory for all!!…the girls lasted all day and had a blast. This was the first time since we moved here to have the house to myself. It felt amazing. The time flew by and I was pumped to pick up the girls.

Once I got home I noticed Reese’s face was bright red. Took her fever and instantly and thought, well hoped, the thermometer was broken. Nope, after multiple temperature reads, 104 was my poor girl's temperature. I called my Aunt and to the doctor we go. Four months ago Reese had a 104 fever for three weeks straight. I had never been so scared for her. One thing I learned from that experience is to be more of an advocate for her with doctors. She ended up having pneumonia last time but took way too long to diagnose. This time, Reese got medication and breathing treatments and is on her way back to her normal self.

Since Reese had a fever, we did not want to spread the germs. Our plans to go to story time at a local library and go to Bounce U were canceled and rescheduled for this week. It did make me think what other Moms do out there when they have sick kids. How do you entertain the other sibling? Here are a few things that help our quarantine days go by.

  • We turn on http://www.happykids.tv. My girls love dancing and singing to the classic nursery rhymes. They do have two other random ones that just crack me up. Check out Fat Cat Mat and I have a ponytail. When you're tired it is so random there is no way not to laugh.

  • Trips to the dollar store provided a good distraction to my sick child and a huge treat to the other. Favorite items balloons, stickers and a sweet treat.

  • When people ask if they can help do anything –  say YES!

  • To try and break the fever and entertain the other child with water play. Showers and bath time turned into endless bubbles and splashing.

  • The more silly I could be, the more they would laugh.

  • Boxes turned back into rocket ships and art back drops.

  • Make extra cool lounge area. Extra blankets, pillows and every stuffed animal they own.

Mother Nature decided to make sure we celebrate the rest of the week. The summer like weather allowed the girls to soak up rays like a lizard.

The beautiful weather provided the perfect backdrop to stop by some of our favorite parks. Tulsa has so much to offer at their parks. Pure joy by young and old.

We have just lived in our home for a short time. The girls also dove into helping us landscape. Also they treated some of our overgrown flower beds as seats and beds to play in.

When I reflect back on the week I am so appreciative. Appreciative for medical professionals, patient teachers, family members, friends who drop off lattes, kids' laughter and hope. Even though 2016 is young it seems many people have already been dealing with so much. We are part of the lucky crowd. Lucky to have good health. Sending extra good vibes into the world for all of those family and friends dealing with bad health and sadness.

Also it is official that Gilmore Girls will be back for a few shows on Netflix.

Java cheers to all!

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