TulsaKids’ 2019-2020 Baby Guide, sponsored by Hillcrest

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We designed the TulsaKids Baby Guide to be a one-stop, comprehensive resource for expectant and new parents. The Baby Guide will provide information for couples planning to become pregnant, for pregnant women, and for new parents who are looking for answers to questions during that important first year with baby. We have worked hard to bring together information about medical care and options, pregnancy, safety, childcare, support and educational groups, and developmental information for the first year of life. With TulsaKids’ 23rd Annual Baby Guide, sponsored by Hillcrest, we have found that the Tulsa community has a wealth of support, services and information for new and expectant parents. We hope it will help you throughout the year as you enter the exciting (and often confusing) world of being a parent.

Each month, starting August 2019, everyone who has downloaded TulsaKids’ 2019-2020 Baby Guide will be entered to win a free gift! Gifts will rotate monthly. Download the Baby Guide by October 31 for a chance to win a FREE box of diapers from TulsaKids!

Thank you to Hillcrest for sponsoring TulsaKids’ 2019-2020 Baby Guide!