Escaping the 9-to-5

With our recent move to Kansas, our family is moving closer towards realizing our dreams, while expanding our vision of what the future may hold.

For the first blog post of this new year, I want to share that this will be the last post of mine for this blog. My family has recently taken a new direction. We have moved to Kansas, to my husband’s home town and the place that he and I first met, where we will focus on finishing our bus conversion and work towards what’s next for us. Together, my husband and I are forming a vision for ourselves and our family around what we want our life to look like. It’s a time full of excitement and anticipation and unknowns.

Per the recommendation of the couple who runs the YouTube channel “Bus Life NZ” my husband and I recently started listening to an audiobook called Be a Free Range Human: Escape the 9 to 5, Create a Life You Love and Still Pay the Bills. The premise of this book is the idea that it’s possible to create a successful life working for yourself. One of the key points from this book that I really resonate with is the idea that it’s unrealistic to expect yourself to enjoy doing the same thing your entire life. Another idea the book talks about is that many people have multiple interests, so why not use all of your interests to create multiple streams of income for yourself. Also, it’s a misnomer that you’re more secure depending on the success of someone else’s business for your income and retirement. Sadly, I know too many for whom their secure job and retirement fell through, often after more than a decade of working for the same company.

I have a friend who wrote a blog post recently called “Forgetting the Five Year Plan.” In his opinion, creating a five-year plan or setting five year goals for your life can sometimes squelch the dreams that you could never conceive of prior to living a few more years. He writes, “The problem with five-year plans is that they rarely allow foresight into what possibilities exist beyond our personal imagination or dreams for ourselves. Planning is something I value, but being strict and inflexible to an ideal originating from what I can conceive as the best possible outcome for my life dissuades me away from all chance and opportunity.” The concept that has been passed down to us is that if only you could find the best career fit, you’d be happy working the same job your whole life. Personally, I love to write, but I have so many more interests.

So, in saying all of this, in moving to Kansas we feel that our family is moving closer towards this dream we have to break out of the “system.” I recently graduated with my master’s of fine arts degree in creative writing, and my husband is considering going back to school to finish his bachelor’s degree. While we finish the bus in Kansas, my husband will be working part time at a sewing shop where he’s begun to make his own clothing, and I will be writing part time for a newspaper in the area. Both of us are slowly moving closer towards what we want to be doing long term in life, while also working to expand our vision for the future. If you want to follow along with my family and what we’re doing, check out our Medium publication The Jamisons.

This is where I leave you here. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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