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Social Distancing has me lamenting our lack of a printer. However, if you do have access to a printer, take advantage of some of these free, downloadable coloring pages offered by local businesses and nonprofits. If you do, make sure to tag the organization on social media if you share a photo of your finished work!

Buck Atoms Cosmic Curios

Buck Atoms Cosmic Curios on Route 66 has a full coloring book available for purchase, but they have also made a couple pages from the book available online for free. Find them here and here.


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Every month, TulsaKids Magazine includes a comic by artist William A. Franklin featuring The TulsaRama! Gang! The TulsaRama Gang introduces readers to Tulsa history, with several characters based off of William the Artist’s own pets. Now, you can get downloadable coloring pages of a strip featuring the adventures of the TulsaRama Gang and Amelia Earhart at

Family & Children’s Services

More than just a fun activity, Family & Children’s Services’ downloadable coloring pages are themed around helping kids understand Coronavirus. They include a handwashing coloring page, a Coronavirus Time Capsule, two Coronavirus coloring books from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and more. Find them here.

Ida Red

Ida Red’s free coloring pages feature classic Tulsa landmarks like the Golden Driller, the Blue Whale…and even Travis Meyer! Find those here.

Oklahoma Aquarium

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This is just a portion of the full image found at Oklahoma Aquarium. Click here for the full page.

In the Unstoppable Science section of its website, Oklahoma Aquarium has three coloring pages: an Octopus Coloring Page, Clownfish Coloring Page and Jellyfish Coloring Page. Additionally, you can download mazes, word searches, crossword puzzles and more!

Philbrook Museum

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This is just a portion of a page in Philbrook’s coloring book. Download the complete book here.

If you’re missing Philbrook Museum, download a coloring book featuring scenes from the Philbrook Gardens!

Shape Your Fugure

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Shape Your Future’s fun, free coloring pages and activity sheets will also help your children think about their health and healthy choices they can make every day. Find them here.

Tulsa Botanic Garden

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Tulsa Botanic Garden has provided several coloring pages inspired by their Children’s Discovery Garden! Download those here.

Tulsa Geoscience Center

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Click image to download the full page

If you have a dino fan in your house, download this coloring sheet featuring the State Dinosaur of Oklahoma, Acrocanthosaurus!

Tulsa Zoo

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This is just a portion of the binturong page in Tulsa Zoo’s Lost Kingdom Activity booklet. Download the full packet here. 

In addition to Online Zoo School, has a downloadable Lost Kingdom activity booklet featuring coloring pages of Lost Kingdom favorites such as binturongs, red pandas, etc.The site also links to downloadable Disney activity booklets.

University of Tulsa

TU alumnae may enjoy adding color to TU’s McFarlin Library and Bayless Plaza. Although those two pages are a bit more detailed, you can also find simpler images for kids, all available here.

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