Do These Maternity Jeans Make Me Look Pregnant?


Surprise! Natural Mom is pregnant! John and I were definitely surprised by this news. We had just decided to get married, but having another baby was not on our radar at all. It’s funny how God — or fate, or whatever you believe in — makes other plans for you.

We’re excited about this new addition to our family, which should arrive sometime around Dec. 8.

In addition to digging out all of my maternity clothes, I also had to remember what it’s like to be pregnant — not being able to have sushi or caffeine, dealing with heartburn so painful I want to go to the ER every time it strikes — and think about if and how I want this pregnancy to be different from my last.

With my first pregnancy, I was hell-bent on controlling as many factors as I could, finding out Isaac’s gender at 20 weeks, registering for gifts two months in advance, rearranging the nursery half a dozen times.

I’m much more laid back this time around. Certainly I’m mindful of my health, but I’m not worried about equipping our home with the latest and greatest baby gadgets. I’m not up all night reading every pregnancy and baby book I can get my hands on (although I did have to revisit one just to remember what the heck is going on with my body). And we’ve even decided to let the gender of this baby be a surprise, to the chagrin of our parents.

That’s not to say life has been totally stress-free.

When it comes to holistic living, the area in which I struggle most is balance. As much as I’d like to believe being holistic is all about using cloth diapers and making baby food from local, organic vegetables, it’s much more about balancing your life, mind and emotions. And freeing yourself from as much stress as possible.

That last one’s a challenge.

Those who know me well know I’m not very balanced. I take on way too many projects, I work too much — though, of course, when I’m at home, Isaac is my priority. I don’t pick up work until he’s gone to bed — and I recently re-enrolled in school.

It wasn’t something I thought I would be doing while pregnant and preparing for a newborn, but I sort of felt like, since I finally worked up the resolve to go back, I should do it while the momentum is strong.
But I recognize my life needs balance, especially as my body undergoes a major transformation and I prepare myself to mother two children.

One thing that helps is having a good support system, strong relationships and a network of friends and family on whom I can rely. Also, having a positive attitude helps. I know I sound like a crazed, overworked maniac, but I’m not unhappy. I enjoy being busy; I feel like I’m contributing. So I don’t complain about it. And, over the years, I’ve learned that I can’t control everything that happens to or around me, so I don’t try. I generally let things happen and try to make the most out of the situations I find myself in.

But, now more than ever, I need to make myself a priority, which means saying “no” sometimes and taking personal time for relaxation and rejuvenation. It also means getting some more sleep at night.
I’m thinking yoga and a prenatal massage are definitely in order, but I’d love some advice from you. How do you relax and take time out for yourself?

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