Date Night Dare:

Two local couples try something new

TulsaKids gave two couples $100, and then challenged them to do something together that they have never done – a Date Night Dare. Our couples, Bobby & Christi Tom, and Hector & Asja Proano, took on the challenge. They sent back answers to some questions about the date as well as some great photos.

May all of you enjoy a fun date night (or day) with your significant other this Valentine’s Day.


Bobby and Christi Tom took some time away from their two girls, Zella, age 4, and Sybil, age 2, to try a cooking class at The Girl Can Cook in Broken Arrow. The Toms have been married for six years and have lived in Tulsa all of those years. Both grew up in Owasso, although in their younger years, Christi lived in California and Bobby in Hawaii and Guam.

TK: Share what you typically do for a date night?

Christi: Bobby and I don’t have many date nights out. When we do, we go to see a movie in the afternoon, or go out to eat for an early dinner. The kids are just now at the age we can have grandparents watch them at bedtime and actually get both girls to sleep.

TK: Describe your date. What did you do, and why did you want to do this particular activity?

Christi: We took a cooking class at The Girl Can Cook in Broken Arrow. It was a Greek Isles date night cooking class. Both my husband and I like to cook and, when we were first married, we would cook together and try new recipes. Since having kids, one of us cooks and the other wrangles the children. Bobby has said he wanted to learn more about making sauces, and I want more experience with cooking meat and the best way to chop things. We made a chopped Greek salad, tzatziki sauce, Shrimp Saganaki and lamb chops.

Chef Candace Conley gave great instructions, had a practical sense of humor, and kept the class motivated and moving forward. Her assistant, Natalia Banjac, was friendly and efficient, delivering ingredients and refilling wine glasses. The couple next to us had been married two years and had a 4-month-old daughter at home. The date night class was their Christmas present from one of their parents.

TK: Did you learn anything new or unexpected about your partner on your date?

Christi: My husband talked about how much he loves lamb, but that it has been ruined for him in a way. He grew up visiting his grandparents on the Navajo Indian Reservation and they butchered sheep and then cooked them that day. He said nothing compares to fresh lamb. He wondered if his childhood memories of tasting and eating lamb are true or if he went back to Shiprock, New Mexico, if the meat would taste as good as he remembered.

TK: Would you recommend this activity to other couples?

Christi: We would definitely recommend this to other couples. It was relaxing and fun, taught us a new skill, gave us something to do while we talked, and we got delicious food at the end.

TK: Why are date nights important for parents?

Christi: It’s nice to get out together as adults and remember why you like your partner as a person. I depend on my husband so much in our day-to-day life. We are in this boat together and weather the storms of life together. It’s nice to just go out and relax and strengthen our relationship without interruption from kids or the stress of parenting or work.



Hector & Asja Proano have three children, ages 10, 9 and 7. They have lived in Tulsa since 2007. On their date, they tried a tour of the downtown Tulsa architecture. Although they wanted to do an official Tulsa Foundation for Architecture Tour (, they had to opt for a self-guided version since the times and dates didn’t work out for the group tour. Asja said they used the app “Strol.” For six self-guided tours, go to

TK: Share what you typically do for a date night?

Asja: For a date night, we usually go out to eat and then see a show, whether it’s stand-up comedy, concert or a musical. After the show, we may get some drinks at a bar.

TK: Describe your date. What did you do, and why did you want to do this particular activity?

Asja: On this particular date, we decided to do a self-guided walking tour of downtown Tulsa during the day and also to enjoy delicious brunch from food trucks at Fuel 66. For us, it was fun to go out during the day and do some physical activity for a change. We walked for over an hour and we learned new facts about the history of the downtown area. The yummy food that we normally wouldn’t have eaten was a bonus as well.

TK: Did you learn anything new or unexpected about your partner on your date?

Asja: I was surprised to hear that he would consider living at a loft in the downtown area as opposed to the suburban life in Broken Arrow. That’s how much he liked what it had to offer. I also was happy to see that he was open to more active kinds of dates, especially since he’s a more “chill” type of guy.

TK: Would you recommend this activity to other couples?

Asja: Other couples should definitely try it, just to get out of their comfort zone and to learn something new about the city they live in and (if they have a step-counting app) to get their steps in in a beautiful environment.

TK: Why are date nights important for parents?

Asja: Since we don’t have much time alone as a couple, date nights (or days!) make the parents see each other as a man or woman again and remind them why they fell in love with each other in the first place.

I would like to thank you for this opportunity and add it was a great date day that we liked so much, we are planning to do again. Maybe even with kids!