Curbside Greenwaste Collection Starts July 14

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Curbside greenwaste collection efforts will start Friday, July 14, for Tulsa residents with leftover greenwaste from the June 18 windstorm.

Collection efforts will start in the hardest-hit areas of town and will conclude in the lowest-impacted areas.

City contractors will work zone-by-zone throughout the next several weeks to collect curbside greenwaste in people’s yards that has not already been picked up or taken to the temporary mulch site. A zone map and additional information can be found online at:

When pickups start, City contractors will be making a sweep through each zone, along with one final pass through when initial curbside collection concludes. Residents are urged to prepare now and get all greenwaste to the curb so that it can be picked up. Residents in neighborhoods where greenwaste may have been picked up as part of the ongoing efforts by the City, ODOT and OTA, will still be on the schedule for curbside greenwaste collection efforts.

To prepare for the citywide greenwaste pickup, residents should: 

  • Stack (do not tie) greenwaste in lengths no longer than 5 feet long at the curb
  • Make sure greenwaste is not placed in the street, around mailboxes, buildings, or on the tops of utility lids or boxes
  • Make sure cars are not parked in front of greenwaste, or it may interfere with pickup operations
  • Make sure greenwaste is not bagged, as only yard waste should be bagged
  • Make sure greenwaste is free from storm debris, or it will not be picked up

Important Definitions: 

  • Greenwaste – Cut up trees and tree limbs from the storm.
  • Yard Waste – Grass clipping and leaves. Tulsa residents are allowed to set out 15 clear bags every week next to their trash bin. These clear bags should not be placed in greenwaste piles or in gray trash carts.
  • Storm Debris – Shingles, construction and demolition debris etc. – Storm debris is not picked up in the City’s trash system, nor will it be picked up in the greenwaste pickup. Residents with storm debris will need to either work with their insurance company, hire someone to pick it up and haul it away, or haul it to the landfill.
  • Household Items & Bulky Waste – Patio Furniture, Couches, etc. – Household items that won’t fit in a trash cart but are not greenwaste or construction debris are considered bulky waste. Please note, only household items be accepted in the City’s Bulky Waste Pickup. Please leave storm debris out of that pickup. Once exception is fence panels, which if they are part of your bulky waste pickup request, they need to be cut into 4-foot lengths and bundled at the curb. Greenwaste is not considered bulky waste and should be kept out of bulky waste pickup piles, and any bulky waste pickup items should not be included in greenwaste piles.

Temporary Mulch Site

For residents who do not want to wait for curbside pickup but still want a free disposal option, they can bring greenwaste to the temporary mulch site at E. Latimer St. & N. 89th E. Ave., from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily. Tulsa residents, as well as Tulsa County, Broken Arrow, Bixby, and Jenks residents can utilize the site when they bring a photo copy of their ID or a recent utility bill.

Trash & Recycling

Trash and recycling operations are operating as normal at this time. For residents with extra trash bags that won’t fit in the gray trash cart that aren’t grass clippings or leaves (a.k.a. yard waste), each bag will need a sticker that can be purchased at any QT location or at City Hall during business hours.

Yard Waste

Residents with yard waste (only grass clippings and leaves), can place it into clear bags and leave up to 15 of them out next to refuse and recycling carts on their regular trash day. If residents have extra clear yard waste bags or trash bags, please ensure they are not ending up in greenwaste piles. 

Translation Assistance

The City’s website,, has a tool to help with translation assistance for any page. Website visitors can click the drop-down menu on any page that says, “Select Language,” and choose from one of more than 100 different languages. 

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