Cupcakes and Ballerina Legs

Celebrating loved ones' birthdays is one of my favorite hobbies. Who doesn't like the opportunity to celebrate someone's life?! My Aunt Sarah and brother Marshall share the same birthday, so we get to celebrate them both on the same day. We ventured down to Pinkitzel. They have locations in OKC, Edmond and Tulsa. The entire place is filled from floor to ceiling with sweet treats. The decorations are inviting and the music is fun. Many places like this are not open 7 days a week, but this place is. Did you know that you can call and they'll deliver your treats to your car? That is super mom-friendly and helpful for anyone who cannot find a parking spot downtown. They seem to have thought of it all. The pink lemonade is beautifully displayed making it feel like extra special lemonade.

Also it was my twin's birthday….my Irish twin, that is. My brother Marshall and I are now the same age for the next month. It was confusing as a child to understand this concept. At one age I recall thinking he was just stuck and joined us on planet Earth after he was not stuck anymore. Don't worry, former science teachers, I now realize that was not the case! We celebrated with bagels at Old School Bagel Cafe – another Tulsa-kid-friendly eating establishment.

I had a girls' nights out on Saturday. Recently I started working part-time at Resolute PR. With that comes the opportunity to use other parts of my brain besides the portion focused on my kids. Saturday night the firm invited me to the Tulsa Ballet. The program we attended was called “Masters of Dance.” There were three different programs performed. First off, I couldn't stop noticing their legs. Ballet dancers are true athletes. Every fiber of their bodies looked like a fitness magazine had come to life on stage. It was ironic that, as I was having leg envy, I was drinking wine and eating Skittles. I don't know the training methods of these ballet dancers, but i am very certain what I am currently doing is not how I achieve those amazing legs.

Out of the three programs my personal favorite was the “Rooster.” They use classic Rolling Stones songs. It was clever and it was impossible to not sing along with the songs. This entire program is going to be performed in Italy soon. Tulsa is lucky to have these talented artists in our backyard!

To end the weekend we got to take the girls to their first official Easter egg hunt. We did do a couple of practice runs at home. The first one Reese would pick up an egg and place it in the bag. The second one we showed them the amazing treats that were inside. That got them to quickly want to achieve the gathering of the eggs.

This hunt was held at my high school Bishop Kelley. Both girls were napping so we had to wake them up for this event. I have never woken them up to attend something. They enjoyed the event except when the president of the school said hello Blythe replied "no." But once that was over, she recovered with egg gathering and smiles. Their approach to gathering eggs is vastly different. Reese likes to treat gathering eggs like a job. Throwing as many in as possible. While Blythe liked to open each one up along the way and test the products inside. The girls also got to meet the Easter Bunny for the first time. Let’s just say they are not wanting to have the Easter Bunny come over for breakfast anytime soon.

Wish me luck this week. The workout shoes are getting the dust knocked off of them while I attempt to jump back on the workout wagon.

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