Check. Check. Fail.

A few things I want to update you on… particularly you who have stuck with me from the beginning of my periodic journal of the ups and downs and zigzags of parenting.

Make that the ups and downs and zigzags of adulthood.

No, better yet. The ups and downs and zigzags of taking responsibility.

Anyhow. Here are updates on a few of the recurring themes of the dramas playing in my mind.

On getting organized. This project is going extremely well. My organizing guru is a saint in my eyes, though I know it embarrasses her for me to say such things.

It is truly amazing how much space I’ve been able to make in my thoughts since eliminating clutter in my home. It also helps that the church I attend has been focusing sermons on “cleaning up” lately – in both a spiritual and a physical sense.

On having more babies. My anxiety on this topic is finally starting to ease as I see more and more friends successfully navigate second pregnancies, second deliveries, second endless nights without sleep, and second first smiles, first steps, first words…

I had a brief, slightly traumatic, setback earlier this week when I learned that one of my best college friends is pregnant with triplets. Triplets!!!

But since the likelihood of conceiving triplets is only 1 in 6400 according to Wikipedia, I figure my chances of having another singleton are pretty good. I’m becoming excited about the possibility.

On growing plants. Massive fail in this department. Those plants that I spent all day about a month ago putting into my “flower bed” are almost completely dried up.

I watered them. I really did. Please believe me.

But they just didn’t make it.

A co-worker with a greener thumb than mine comforts me with suggestions that my little red-leafed friends will come back next year. They are perennials after all.

As the saying famously goes, if at first you don’t succeed, brush yourself off and try again.


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