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You're the Dilly to my Deli

Eating out with toddlers should be an Olympic sport. When searching for places to take the girls, a patio area is a win. But to have a patio with mini houses for kids to play in, well that is a grand…

Tulsa Times Two Goes to the Zoo

We took advantage of last week's warm streak and spent time at the zoo. Since my kids wake up way before the sun rises, we scored a front row parking spot. Then, suddenly slews of other moms chugging java and unloading…

Toddler Time at Bounce U and Build-a-Bear

It feels like the girls are changing every second! Their 2nd birthday is quickly approaching and I feel like the last year was a complete blur. I'm so thankful for photos (see below) that help trigger the memories and places of last year.  Because we've had such…

OkCookiemomster and Toddler Fashion

It has been two months of living back on Tulsa Time. When you move back home there is a mix of nostalgia always playing in my mind. The past week was the perfect combo of discovering new favorite places and…

Weekly Toddler Must-Dos in Tulsa

A veteran stay-at-home mom who I went to college with told me about Sky Zone Trampoline Park, or more specifically, their Toddler Hours. Every Tuesday/Thursday they offer toddler time. Only kids 5 and younger are allowed during this time slot…

Introductions and Happy New Year

Saying it is a new year just makes the world seem more shiny. People have often asked why I don't write a blog. Resolutions are not my thing, but trying new things and breaking bad habits is always good for…

Tulsa Times Two

Java IV Always

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Hi, I’m Jen! My five-year-old twins and I love Tulsa and like to explore places around town that are fun for kids and their parents, too. I work part time and am also involved with numerous nonprofits. My favorite show is Gilmore Girls, and java is in my hand 24/7. Raising twins, I strive to show them they are each unique and one of a kind. Hugs, embarrassing Mom dancing skills and good intentions are how I roll. I cannot recreate anything on Pinterest, but for our family, we are perfectly imperfect.

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The Beast of Grief

My father passed away 7.5 years ago, but there is not a day that I do not miss him. This is especially true around the holidays.

The Month of Thanks

After a month of Halloween fun, I'm challenging myself to help my girls understand the meaning of "Thanksgiving."

A Trip to Pumpkin Town

Offering everything from face painting to giant slides to a cow train, Pumpkin Town is the perfect autumn family outing.

Storytime and Broken Bones

A trip to Kiddlestix Toy Store for their weekly storytime--and a trip to the doctor for a broken wrist.