Babywearing 101

Another Natural Mom video series

I really loved putting together the cloth diaper demonstration videos, and I hoped you all enjoyed watching them. My friends Nicole and Alicia helped me also put together some baby wearing demonstration videos.

I love wearing my kids. It keeps them close to me, like I’m holding them all the time, but it allows me to be productive by giving me my hands back. But there are so many options when choosing a baby carrier, and some of them, if you can’t seem them in action, might seem a little tricky. But baby wearing is super easy, as this series is intended to prove.

We’re starting with the most basic carrier, which is a soft-structured carrier. It most closely resembles a Baby Bjorn, which I think is something a lot of people are familiar with, but it offers a lot of benefits the Baby Bjorn doesn’t. Plus, my kids didn’t like the Baby Bjorn, and I found it uncomfortable.

So, here you go! I’d love to receive your comments and feedback!

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