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October 21, 2014

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Honeybee Mama

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Making the Most of Oktoberfest as a Family

Making the Most of Oktoberfest as a Family

Last year, I was pleased (seeing as it was my first time ever) to discover that Tulsa's Oktoberfest is truly a family affair. Even though the day I attended was a little cold and dreary, I was quickly warmed up with some tasty seasonal beer, fun in the kids tent, and a hug from the...


Editor's Blog

Living the empty nest life, and loving it.
Toddlers and Screens and the Importance of Parents

Toddlers and Screens and the Importance of Parents

An article by Douglas Quenqua in Saturday’s New York Times poses the question “Is E-Reading to Your Toddler Story Time, or Simply Screen Time?”  Because screens are relatively new, there is limited research in this area, but the studies that have been done point to a...


Baby Love

Having babies can be hard, but it's also really, really fun(ny).
Brownie's Gourmet Burgers: Milk vs. Chocolate Milk

Brownie's Gourmet Burgers: Milk vs. Chocolate Milk

So here are some truths in my life. Once I tasted chocolate milk, regular milk became an understudy. And once I tried Velveeta Shells and Cheese, Kraft Macaroni no longer did it for me.  I'm a little worried that's what happened to burgers and Brownie's Gourmet Burgers...


Money Saving Queen

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Save Money on Baby Wipes

Save Money on Baby Wipes

The cost of purchasing baby wipes can really add up over the years of parenthood. In our usual frugal fashion we bring to you an inexpensive and EASY way to make your very own baby wipes. I made these for awhile with my first son because of his sensitivities to fragrance and other products, they...


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Bikes & Balls at Whiteside


This open gym time for preschoolers is a great way to socialize with other kids. Bring a riding toy. No food or drinks in the gym please.

Alexandre Hogue Exhibit at the Gilcrease Museum


Known primarily for his “Dust Bowl” or “Erosion Series” of works, Alexandre Hogue’s art returns to Tulsa in a new...

3-D Printer Orientation (Librarium)


We will have a short orientation to 3-D printing using the Makerbot 2 and the Ultimaker 2. For all ages.