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Avoiding Gender Stereotypes

Even progressive parents may unintentionally reinforce narrowly defined gender stereotypes.

LeadLearnLive Expands Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

Julie Lackey founded the nonprofit after realizing her son, who has Asperger's, would have to leave Oklahoma in order to pursue higher education.

Decoding DACA

Uncertain Immigration Policy Leaves Families Anxious
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Editor's Blog

Living the empty nest life, and loving it.

One Reason Why

There are not 13 reasons why a person commits suicide, there is one: mental illness.


Tulsa Times Two

Java IV Always

Twin Moments

When Blythe got sick and Reese went off on her own adventures, I was reminded of how important one-on-one time is.


Grand Life

Adventures in Grandparenting

You're Only as Old as You Feel

While my upcoming 60th birthday is still somewhat of a shock, I've realized that this season of life comes with plenty of perks.


Coffee Nebula

Everything is Awesome.

Anatomy of a Meltdown

Autism meltdowns can be terrifying both for the child experiencing them and those nearby; the best thing we can do is to love each other and reach out for available support.


Spaghetti on the Wall

Fun can be messy; messy can be fun.

Making Halvah for Sammy Spider and the Great Chocolate Pudding Mural of 2018

Inspired by the book "Sammy Spider's First Trip to Israel," I tried making halvah! Joss tried making instant chocolate pudding.


Guest Blog

TulsaKids Online Community

Giving Back After a NICU Stay

Having a premature baby in NICU brings struggles, but it can also bring new connections with NICU staff and fellow preemie moms. In celebration of World Prematurity Day Nov. 17, learn how you can honor your preemie by giving back.


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