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TulsaKids Live!

Join TulsaKids Magazine on the fourth Wednesday of each month for TulsaKids Live! a monthly Parents Meet-Up featuring local professionals speaking about relevant parenting topics. These events are free and open to the public. Free childcare and snacks are provided. 


When: The Fourth Wednesday of Each Month, 6-7:30 p.m.
Where: Southminster Presbyterian Church, 3500 S. Peoria Ave. 

Have a topic you'd like to suggest? We'd love to hear about it! Email editor@tulsakids.com or tara.rittler@gmail.com

June 26: Raising the Normal but Not-So-Easy Child with Robert J. Hudson, M.D.

About “The Normal But Not-So-Easy Child”:

Is your parenting life too difficult and demanding? Does this cause you fatigue and stress? Why?

There are two types of children: easy and Not-So-Easy. The Not-So-Easy Child (NSEC) requires more energy, focus and special parenting skills. You are tired because you have a NSEC. One-size parenting does not fit the NSEC; you need extra understanding and tools to build new skills. Parents call these exasperating and frustrating children difficult, defiant, challenging, and spoiled. Dr. Hudson has the answers to help you with these dilemmas. He explains with compassion, “in the trenches” commonsense but neuroscience wisdom how your child’s brain is wired. His helpful advice will quickly relieve your frustration, anger and guilt. Reading this book feels like a conversation with a compassionate professional, which will relieve your worries and provide guidance for “What do I do next?” This compact book has the solutions to ease your worries and doubts about being a good parent and raising a successful child.

Dr. Hudson helps you find exactly the temperament traits causing your child to struggle and gives you specific suggestions to manage the day-to-day challenges. Parents’ most frequent phrase at the start of his consultation is, “We’ve tried everything, and nothing works.” His book outlines what does work. He puts the culture of today’s parenting pressures in perspective and helps you connect with your child again. Your stressed family will calm, and mornings and evenings will become less dramatic. His expert book is what you have been searching for: a handbook for the Not-So-Easy Child.

His website/blog, www.drbobsnsec.com continues helping parents with the complex world of raising children.

Click Here to Purchase "The Normal But Not-So-Easy Child: Raising Your Child Without Frustration, Anger, or Guilt"

About Robert J. Hudson, M.D.:

Dr. Hudson is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics with the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine in Tulsa.  He has practiced general pediatrics for three decades and devoted the past sixteen years as a behavioral pediatrician helping parents with their children who exhibit behavioral or learning problems, including ADHD. Learn more at drbobsnsec.com

July 24: Creating in the natural world: using recycled materials to create engaging activities with your child, with Emily Smith

Join TulsaKids Magazine for our monthly TulsaKids Live! Parents Meet-Up. July’s Meet-Up will feature Emily Smith, an educator at B'Nai Emunah Preschool with a master's in Early Childhood Education.

Emily will teach parents about how to use recycled materials to create engaging activities with their child, along with some interactive elements!




August 28: Your Child's Developing Brain, with Brain Balance

 Join Brain Balance as we discuss how your child's brain develops and what you can do at home to help encourage healthy brain development. Topics include:

  • How the Brain Develops
  • Right Brain/Left Brain
  • Developmental Delay
  • Helpful Tips for Home
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