Now We Are Living on Sweet Summer Time

And our first summer activity? Signing up for the TCCL Summer Reading Program!

Now we are living on sweet summer time. For the past few weeks, Blythe & Reese have noticed the rock and roll promotions at the Tulsa libraries. The Tulsa Library Summer Reading Program has begun. The girls went with a few friends to officially sign up. The program runs until August 4 and is open to everyone. Yes, that is right: Whether you are 3 months or 99 years old, you can participate.

To sign up, we went to the downtown library. I would like to live in this space. My girls and their friends started out by sitting outside of the Starbucks and enjoyed snacks while I got some java. Once they were full with energy, they all sprinted into the kid’s area. Yes, I know, not the ideal place to run, but I admired their enthusiasm.  The staff told us about all of the details of the program. If you read 8 books and visit the library 4 times, you get a medal. For parents, you also get a bonus book of coupons to help with summer treats. If you read up to 20 books you get a bonus prize.

This entire program gives me a little structure to help kick off summer. My girls are routine oriented. Summer is exciting, but they are slightly confused with how each day is so different. Inviting our friends to join us to sign up this year made it more special. I loved hearing the kids talk about which books they chose. Some of their friends where so excited they needed to start their summer reading on the spot!

There are so many libraries in Tulsa we have not been to, so we will explore new ones this summer.  Each library has an extensive list of events for kids all summer. Thank you, Tulsa libraries, for providing awesome options to beat the summer heat.

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