What Day Is It?!

December has been packed with making fun Christmas memories.

Decorating Christmas cookies.

When I think of the holiday season this year, it is literally a blur. It is awesome how many options are out there to get the girls in the holiday spirit. I often struggle with the balance of life, work, family, friends and personal time. I've been sitting here pondering what I would do different this month so it would not seem so hectic. Well, I am still pondering and have zero tips! But then I think about what I have enjoyed this month, and instantly a huge smile is not moving from my face.


Making gingerbread houses kicked off their holiday time. My cousin Tierney engineers a house that is the coolest gingerbread house base I have ever seen. Then they got to create and of course eat the construction pieces, too. At school, the girls spent time focusing on the reason for the season and celebrating with Santa. The crafts from this month were out of this world. But my personal highlight from their school is hands down their Christmas play. They were proud to practice from home. During the performance, Reese sang and did every movement. Blythe participated for the most part. But I will never forget her asking me in the middle of her performance if we can go get chicken and fries.



After the Christmas play. 


A visit from the girls' Gammi and Papa provided weekends full of memories and early presents. A trip to Rhema with Nana and Gammi when it was 60 degrees was a nice bonus.



Rhema's Christmas lights are incredible!


Our traditions with the girls' friends are so special, too, from decorating cookies, matching pjs and trips to visit Santa at Utica Square.



Matching pjs! 



Christmas tree at Utica Square


There are a handful of other celebrations that occur this month. But now I am waiting to see their faces Christmas morning. I'm hoping I have answered all the questions correctly about Santa. They are very concerned about our tiny chimney and Santa’s large tummy.



Visiting Santa


As always, I am thankful for the girls and everyone who makes an impact on their lives. Merry Christmas to all and may you hug your loved ones tight!

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