Back to School 2017

My wish list for the new school year.

Almost every school in the Tulsa area is now back in session. In reviewing our summer bucket list, we checked off most of the items. But see, here is the deal: I still have time to knock some items off. Since my girls are three, they are not in school full time. Even though I am struggling to find a balance with work, kids and life, I am thankful for my time with them. This season it all hit me. I finally became the Mom that is sad they are growing up. Yet, of course, extremely grateful for their health and progress as tiny humans.



Reese at school


Even though I am not new to Tulsa, my girls are new to their school. We are learning how to navigate their life in the best directions possible. It is crazy for someone like me to think they are three. They are three, and I am worrying about what school they are in now and how they are adjusting and if they are in the right place. But I know I am not alone. All I can do is listen to my heart and listen.



Here is my wish list for the girls for this school year:

  • Try something out of their comfort zone: Yes, my kids have totally opposite personalities. Still they are human and have fears. I hope they feel comfortable to try something new and be okay if it does not go smoothly.

  • Be a good friend: Being 3 is not a walk in the park. The emotions these tiny humans feel are the real deal. I hope they hold someone's hand when they are sad or, if someone falls on the playground, they ask if they are okay.

  • Just be goofy: Dance, sing and just laugh. Celebrate being a kid.

  • Feel loved: It take a bit of time for my kids to trust new people. May they find a teacher or friend they truly click with.

  • Learn like a sponge - I admire everyone who homeschools their kids. My girls just do not love for me to teach them. May their school year teach them the next phases of their development.


Java cheers to everyone getting back to schedules with the 2017 school year.


Back-to-School Specials for Parents: 

*Sole Massage: Bring a friend and purchase one 30-minute massage; get the second one half off! Offer good Aug. 21-25.

*OkCookieMomster: Happy Hour special. Buy one cookie, get one half off between 3 and 5:30 p.m. Walk-in only. Valid from now till Aug. 29.

*StudioPOP: use code BACKTOSCHOOL for 25% off a 5-class pass. Valid until Oct. 1.  

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