A Trip to Pumpkin Town

Offering everything from face painting to giant slides to a cow train, Pumpkin Town is the perfect autumn family outing.

With the arrival of fall comes pumpkin patches. As someone who is exploring options to do with the girls during the week, these feel like Christmas gifts have arrived early. Pumpkin Town is now open. Now that the girls are three, they can enjoy even more of the items at Pumpkin Town.


 The perfect photo op


Upon arrival the girls started talking to each other about which thing they wanted to do first. The big slide and the bouncy area were the two items that they wanted to explore first. Before I go into all of the items they offer for your kids, they have a few different ticket options. I would suggest viewing their website in advance. I get a little overwhelmed with my kids running around wanting to start on the fun while I try to balance out which is the best deal for our family. We chose the standard package because it included everything we wanted to do that day. And let me tell you, once you purchase a ticket that day you can come back anytime. So if you want to leave and give your kids and nap you can. This truly ups the value to me. Also, my husband wants to join us again at the pumpkin patch later in the week. There is this awesome pass called the bounce back pass. If you get entry that day and you pay to come back in the future it is just $5.00. For us that is best for our family. You can also purchase tickets online, which will help with lines.



Now that are tickets are purchased, the girls were glowing. I mean yelling with joy and running from one fun spot to the next! The giant jumping pillow they recalled from last year. It is so cool. It is like an upside down bounce house. Also they have a new bouncing area that is a huge inflatable pumpkin. Both provided smiles from ear to ear.


There are slides for all ages throughout the town. Reese of course ran up the hill to the tallest one and proceeded to go down nonstop for 30 minutes. Blythe & Lincoln ran up the hill a few times but both decided the slide was a little too steep for them.



Next they ran to tractor tire swings. For our kids, Chauntay and I had to pull it around. No clue if that is how you are supposed to do it. There is an area that is also shaded which provided a perfect location for our snack break.

After snacks, they wanted to get their face painted. Next was treasure hunting in the sand. On the day we went they did a dang good job hiding the treasures. It was slow when we went so it was not picked through much. I think this idea is so clever. The duck races was a neat addition we never noticed last year. You push the water and then the ducks float down. There is also a little cow train you can ride to see the entire town. To end our 2.5 hours of fun we went and viewed all of the live animals. Just looked. You can ride, but we chose to save that for another day.



I highly recommend planning a trip to Pumpkin town.

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