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March 27, 2015

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Lake Hills Montessori Tulsa is committed to providing quality care for your children in a safe, loving, accepting and stimulating environment. Individuality is encouraged in each child. We organize our days to ensure each child has successful experiences every day that foster a positive self-concept and lifelong love of learning.


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Address 5150 E. 101st St.
Building #3
Tulsa, OK
Website URL www.lakehillsmontessor...

Lake Hills Montessori is committed to providing quality education for children ages 2-6 years in a safe, loving, and stimulating environment. Each child’s day is organized to ensure successful experiences that will foster self-esteem and a love of learning. LHM offers a traditional Montessori curriculum that allows children to learn through exploration and play. In addition to providing an atmosphere of discovery, LHM offers healthy lunches, dance, Spanish, soccer, music, yoga, art and German.

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