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Kirk Post, Headmaster and Founder; John Ahrens, Director of Operations
Map6310 E. 30th Street
Tulsa, OK


Augustine Christian Academy is a Christian, classical, non-denominational, college preparatory school for grades K4–12. We are dedicated to educating young people to think, reason, and persuade from a distinctly Christian worldview. Our goal is to equip students to understand their times, to impact their culture and to serve God and man. Augustine Christian Academy uses a classical model that integrates every subject with the Biblical truths of the Christian faith. Find us on Facebook and on our website at www.acatulsa.org!

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Quick Facts:

1. Consciously Classical

ACA was founded deliberately as a classical school in its philosophy and methodology. ACA exposes students to original sources, classic works of western civilization (including history and literature), and influential modern writings so that rather than accepting the viewpoint of one historian or editor, students learn to evaluate original sources and think critically. Students are trained from the Grammar School grades in the classical language of Latin, and in older grades in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. This provides a deeper understanding and appreciation of influential writers in Western thought and culture, and allows students to better appreciate and understand some of the original biblical languages.

2. Distinctly Inter-Denominational

ACA is an inter-denominational, Christian classical school with students from Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical, and Orthodox Christian backgrounds. We are not supported by any one church, and are governed by an independent Board of Governors. All students, faculty, and staff agree to our statement of faith, as we try to put into practice the maxim of St. Augustine, “In things essential, unity; in things non-essential, liberty; in all things, charity.” We are proud that our ACA family is denominationally diverse, providing students a glimpse of the beautiful tapestry of Christian faith expression that comprises the family of God, and highlighting the truth of “one Lord, one faith, one baptism” (Ephesians 4:5).

3. Robustly Reasonable

We believe that Truth can stand up to questions, and that well-equipped Christians should be able to think critically and reason logically. So logic is a required course and age appropriate critical thinking exercises are woven throughout the curriculum. Since God is Truth, we teach logic and critical thinking in light of that Truth. Further, rather than dismiss flawed worldviews–and those who hold them–as “foolish” or not worth our time, we examine such views critically in light of God’s revealed truth, always striving to distinguish between erroneous beliefs (which we reject) and the people who may hold them (whom we love).

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