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Barre Classes in Tulsa

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Fitness trends come and go, and local businesses are toning bodies all over Tulsa with the fast-growing barre craze. Barre classes combine ballet, yoga and pilates for what enthusiasts describe as full-body workout with fast results.

Brenda Oakes and Andrea Mason opened Barre3 in July, offering a week of free classes and introductory membership prices. Oakes said she had come to barre classes looking for a leaner body, and “found community.” She drove to Oklahoma City, where Mason owns seven studios, to take classes and fell in love with barre. “The workout, the people. The results.”

Katrina Morgan, co-owner of Pure Barre, echoed those thoughts. “I was a dancer, and when I started barre workouts, I saw immediate results.” To be sure, most people begin exercising for the results, but often, these can be hard to quantify. Katrina explained results this way: “Inches. My legs were smaller than they’d ever been.”

Megan Harlan co-owns both Tulsa locations of Pure Barre with Morgan, and had experienced barre in Dallas. Having had shoulder trouble, she was looking for a workout that enabled her to strengthen with little joint stress. “We create long, lean muscle with small isometric movements.”

Any barre class will focus on the entire body and will remind participants to squeeze and tuck, and hold and pulse and to keep going. Approaching the barre for a newbie might be intimidating for these reasons.

I took a class at both of these two studios, each time cursing the full-length mirrors and my penchant for ice cream, clearly visible in said mirrors. The movements were easy to learn, so easy, in fact, that at first I wondered what the big deal was. And then the instructors asked us to go deeper, or to hold it longer or to extend a leg.

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