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July 24, 2014
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16 Ways to Make Money for your School or Group

Whether it’s for new equipment, band uniforms, or field trips, your child’s school and extra-curricular group is always in need of additional funds. Here are a few fun ways to help your school or group earn that extra money!

1. Panera Bread. Panera Bread hosts fundraising events on Mondays or Thursdays from 5-9 p.m. Ten percent of the total of the receipts from supporters will be donated to your organization when at least 50 attendees mention your group when ordering. Contact Erin Studebaker at

2. Cosi . Cosi hosts fundraising evenings and donates 20 percent of sales for the event to the school. Cosi also assists in promoting the event. Call (918) 794-1600.

3. BounceU. BounceU hosts evening events that give the participating organization $2 from each admission. Fundraisers can often be tailored to the organization. Call (918) 249-0090.

4. Tulsa Promenade. Earn cash prizes for your school through October 31 with Tulsa Promenade. Each dollar spent at Tulsa Promenade will equal a point for your school. The top three schools will earn a cash prize based on their total number of points. Bring receipts from any Tulsa Promenade retailer to Guest Services to add to your school’s point total. Visit Guest Services or call (918) 627-9282.

5. Mazzios. Fundraising opportunities with Mazzio’s include Mazzio’s Night, Pizza Sales (special pricing so groups can re-sell the food and keep the profit), Coupon Books and Fundraiser Cards. Visit

6. Krispy Kreme. Fund-raise through traditional doughnut sales, certificates, Partnerships Cards, or coffee sales. Visit or call (918) 294-5293.

7. Qdoba Mexican Grill. Host a night of fundraising at your neighborhood Qdoba and get a portion of the proceeds donated back. Qdoba also offers special coupons sheets, featuring $45 in valuable Qdoba coupons for just $10 to groups. Call Laura Newman at (866) 990-2295 or e-mail

8. The Hideaway. The Hideaway hosts benefit nights where 15 percent of all sales generated from your group are donated back to you. Additionally, the “Bug Stuff” is a fun, unique way to raise funds. Collect pledges guessing how many people can be stuffed into a VW Bug and let the fun begin! The Hideaway provides pledge sheets, the VW Bug and a trained staff member to supervise the event. Contact The Hideaway closest to you and ask the manager on duty for more information.

9. Cici’s Pizza. Cici’s Pizza at 89th and Memorial hosts fundraising nights where 10 percent of sales goes back to the school if the school is mentioned. Call (918) 254-4775.

10. Chili’s. Chili’s Give Back Night is a fundraiser for non-profits that gives back 10 percent of the sales (excluding tax and gratuity) from the organization’s guests when the event voucher is presented. Contact your neighborhood Chili’s or visit

11. Spaghetti Warehouse. Spaghetti Warehouse hosts fundraising nights on weeknights and gives 10 percent of the sales to the organization. During the event a drawing is held for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Spaghetti Warehouse. Call Chris Young at (918) 587-4440.

12. Wendy’s. Wendy’s hosts benefit nights where a portion of sales is donated back to school-supported programs including band boosters, pom squads, wrestling clubs, etc. Call Donna Reed at (918) 437-7722, ext. 2206 or Jim Cook at ext. 2211.

13. MidFirst Fundraising Coin Van. MidFirst helps numerous organizations raise funds with two coin counters in their specially designed coin van. Groups can collect coins and run the coin through the coin machines. In many instances, MidFirst Bank matches a portion of the total coins collected and donates to the hosting organization. The van also includes an ATM to provide additional convenience to event participants. For more information or to arrange for the free MidFirst Bank Fundraising Coin Van to be at your next event, call Meredith Miers at (918) 699-7231.

14. Freckles. Fundraisers can sell Freckles Custard Pie certificates, Freckles Fun Cards or can even resell Freckles at your event. Contact Paul Ramsey at (918) 607-5074.

15. Great American Cookie. Sell cookie cakes and get a portion of the profits. For more information about fundraising tailored to your needs call (918) 660-7995.

16. Which Wich? Schedule a Which Wich? fundraising night to receive 10-15 percent of sales from the night. Call (918) 369-9424 or (918) 394-9424.

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