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May 25, 2015

On Center Street


Eating Our Colors

Sesame Street Live actually gave me some good parenting advice on Saturday. See, Elmo and gang’s whole show was about being healthy heroes. They could have gone a lot of different ways with that theme. I like the way they went. I’ve heard about trying to make our plates as colorful as possible before, but I never heard the phrase, “eat your colors.” That's what Cookie Monster was told to do during the show after mentioning, in passing of course, his low energy levels and over consumption of his namesake desserts. *Spoiler Alert* One of Cookie's fellow monsters suggested that he "eat his colors" like green (out jumps broccoli), red (whoa! a giant bell pepper), and yellow (... a banana... you saw that coming, right.) On such simple advice, Cookie Monster has at a pile...

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Books galore


Books galore

This weekend at Just Between Friends, my biggest temptation was to buy more books. Parenting books. Kids books. Memoir books. Even homeschooling workbooks—though I’m not homeschooling. Any book with an interesting title and back cover blurb. I used to think I could never have too many books. In fact, I thought the more books the better. I dream of having wall to wall, floor to ceiling bookshelves stuffed to the brim with representatives from all of Dewey’s decimal classes – organized in alphabetical order—with a sliding ladder to help me climb up and reach just the right book at just the right time. To my husband’s delight, I’m learning to dream of simpler things. Like finding the time to read through some of the tried-and-true classics I already have, as...

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Like with Like

I love the nuggets of wisdom I’m getting from my organizing guru. My favorite to date is the simple concept of putting like things together at the beginning of cleaning and decluttering. “Like with like.” Simple. In practice, given a minor to mass mess, it’s about taking the time to separate things out—paper clips with paper clips, toiletries with toiletries, toys with toys, etc. – then putting collections of items back in their places in one-way swoops. Such as taking all of the office items to the office. The toiletries to the bathroom. The toys to the toy box… This is opposed to my former method of putting things together at the beginning of cleaning and decluttering. A method I’ll call… “the big dump.” Also simple. But… Instead of...

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Other People's Children

That's an eye-catching title, isn't it! Well, it's the name of a book by Lisa Delpit, an award winning author and researcher, who spoke last night at a lecture presented at the University of Tulsa. I just bought the book last night, so I'm not able to give a book review yet... but by the buzz after Dr. Delpit's presentation, and a quick glance at the history of the book on the internet, I am pretty certain that it will be a thought-provoking read. I did get a chance to read the intro to the book last night before nodding off. A lot of important things were written in those pages, but the main thing I remember was that Dr. Delpit wrote Other People's Children WHILE A SINGLE MOM OF A FIVE YEAR OLD! Amazing! Check it out if you can: Other People's Children: Cultural Conflict...

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Dress me up and Call me Superman

If you’re in the Tulsa area, you know that there is way more snow outside than was imaginable even a week ago (btw...last Saturday, I took a brief roadtrip wearing a t-shirt and some yoga pants, playing reggae songs over the radio with the windows down.… Today, I cannot see the road for it is covered in snow, you couldn’t pay me to go outside without tundra gear on, and I’m thinking of slipping a Tony Bennett-Does-Christmas record into the cd player). With all this newfound time inside, my son and I have been discovering new ways to have fun with “around the house” materials. Because I quickly ran out of ideas, I went to a “play and learn” book I had on my shelf for some inspiration and found this completely simple and sensible recipe for a dress up party....

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