May 9, 201109:28 AM

Rewarding Ourselves

For as long as I can remember, my mom has spent most of her work vacation days in a peaceful pursuit of an organized home. Not always out of necessity either. She truly enjoys transforming spaces.

An area once cluttered will become clear while she enjoys a cup of coffee. Or she will rearrange the furniture to change the atmosphere to fit the season. Or she will display new collections of old family photographs while her favorite music plays over the stereo.

My mom does not have to go away, catch a plane, or check into a hotel to find something to do. She has plenty of projects right in her own home to keep her happily occupied.

Thankfully, I am finally becoming more like my mother.

In years past, I may have expected a mother’s day weekend to include several meals out on the town, an elaborate gift or two, and lavishly bestowed compliments. Kind of like a mini-vacation, with someone else responsible for planning the festivities. The key ingredient would be that I, as a guest of honor , could simply show up and be entertained.

Not so this weekend. One of my greatest pleasures yesterday was in working around my home in a peaceful pursuit of organization: going thru cards, college memorabilia, projects that I want to finish, and papers… lots of papers.

It would have been overwhelming, but on the advice of my organizing guru, Terri Sullivan, I removed the emotional anxiety by telling myself – “I don’t have to do everything today. I’m just going to do what I can and try to enjoy the process.”

It worked. I pulled out a box of things that had been stuffed into a corner for months. I took it outside with a chair, a small table, and a cup of coffee, and went thru it. Slowly but surely.

Over a couple of hours, I found some surprises – “Ah! Here’s my [insert very important thing] I’ve been looking for!”—and some piece of mind.

And without trying too hard, I accomplished one of my Great Home Declutteration goals. For myself. For Mother’s Day.

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