December 2010


Lunchtime rumination - Tuesday, 12/21

Is it unreasonable to expect a toddler to behave reasonably? It is true that I denied him a piece of my pumpkin pie--- but I offered him a perfectly good substitute-- a cup of sweet pumpkin puree made especially for him... sans eggs, milk, and other things that would make him go itchy in the night. Ah. But 'twas not good enough. Massive tantrum and more than half a day later- I'm still wondering what went wrong!

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For me, success is...

... making a holiday meal that my mother-in-law likes (i.e. well-seasoned) and my toddler can eat (i.e. allergen-free: no eggs, milk, peanuts, oats, or soy). ... finding time to read a good novel without neglecting other personal, familial, and communal duties. ... rocking out with my son to one of my favorite singer-songwriters while hubby accompanies us on his tennis-racket guitar. ... staying warm with loved ones on cold winter nights. What is success to you?

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